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LG NEON TE365f (FIDO) unlock instructions

Unlock LG Neon

LG Neon Unlock Instructions

Unlock Instructions:

  • Lg neon te365F (fido)
  • Power on phone with original simcard
  • Type *#0001#
  • Click ok (You are about to unlock your phone)
  • Enter the unlock code (You can buy the code from
  • Re-enter the unlock code
  • (Your phone has been depersonalized from both the network lock and the service provider lock)
  • (Please Restart Phone)
  • Phone will restart
  • Phone is unlocked

You can buy the LG Neon TE365F unlock code from

NOTE: The Rogers Neon is not unlockable by code, if you do order code and enter it phone will be bricked.