Unlock Mobilicity LG GU295

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Unlock Mobilicity LG Wink

LG Wink Unlock Code

Unlock Instructions For LG Wink GU295 / Gu297

  • Insert a non-original simcard (other then the network the phone is locked to)
  • Turn the phone on
  • Phone will give option to enter an unlock code
  • Click the Unlock Button
  • Enter the NCK Code providedby VunlockLG.com
  • You will have to re-enter it again
  • Phone is Unlocked!

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Unlock lg a133ch Chatr

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lg a133ch Chatr Unlock Instructions:

LG a133ch CHatr Unlock Instructions

Unlock LG A133CH

  • Insert a non-original simcard(any network other then chatr)
  • Turn the phone on
  • Phone will show option on left side “Unlock”
  • Press the left button to click “unlock”
  • A list will display all the active unlocks
  • (Only active one’s will be highlighted and selectable.
  • Select the active network lock type and enter the corresponding unlock code from the set of 5 codes we provided you with.
  • Here is a description of the different lock types for your reference. (Network lock types)
  • After you succesfully enter the correct code for the network lock type active on your phone
  • The phone will reset and your handset will be unlocked.*If you do not have your LG A133CH unlock code already you can buy it from VunlockLG.com

Unlock Doro Phone easy

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unlock Rogers Doro Phone Easy

Unlock Doro Phone Easy

Doro Unlocking Instructions – How to enter unlock code on Doro cell phone

  • Input a non-rogers sim card (not from original carrier)
  • Enter the unlock code emailed to you buy us
  • Press OK
  • Phone will display that the code has been accepted and sim network restriction removed.
  • Phone is unlocked!

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Unlock Rogers LG Shine Tu720

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Unlock Instructions for LG Shine Tu720 Rogers

Unlock LG Shine Tu720 Rogers

Model : LG TU720 – LG CU720 (Shine)

1) Power ON your phone with not allowed sim card (one that didn’t come with the phone)
2) Type *#865625#
3) the phone will ask you to input the unlock code twice, just input the unlock code
4) Device is now unlocked


Alternative (if above does not work)

1) Power ON your phone with the original simcard (Rogers simcard)
2) Type *#865625#
3) the phone will ask you to input the unlock code twice, just input the unlock code
4) Device is now unlocked

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(From www.VunlockLG.com)

Unlock Mobilicity Htc Panache pd15100

How to enter the unlocking code for HTC Panache from Mobilicity:


Unlock Instructions for the Htc Panache from Mobilicity

Htc Panache Mobilicity


Htc Panache Unlock Instructions:

  • Insert any other simcard except the original one (any other except mobilicity)
  • Phone will ask for a SIMLOCK CODE
  • Enter the unlock code provided to you (www.htcunlock.ca)
  • Phone is unlocked!

buy your htc panache unlock code at www.htcunlock.ca

Unlock Mobilicity motorola spice xt300

Unlock instructions for the Motorola Spice xt300 from Mobilicity:


unlock procedure mobilicity motorola spice xt300

unlock motorola spice


How to unlock Motorola Spice:

  • Insert a unaccepted simcard (e.g. not mobilicity)
  • Turn the phone on
  • Phone will show a “network unlocking” screen
  • Enter the Unlock code provided by http://www.Vunlock.net
  • Press the unlock button
  • Phone is Unlocked!!

The mobilicity motorola spice unlock code can be bought at www.vunlock.net

Unlock ATT Pantech c530 Slate

Unlock Instructions for Pantech C530 Slate (At&t):

Pantech Slate C530 Unlock Instructions

At&t Pantech Slate C530


  1. Power on the phone with the original (AT&T) simcard/
  2. Press the following keys: *#865625#
  3. A SIM Unlock Menu will appear, press OK
  4. Enter Unlock Code (8 digit code)*
  5. Re-enter Unlock Code (8 digit code)*
  6. Your phone will display Unlock Process Complete. Press OK.
  7. The PHONE is now unlocked

You can buy your AT&T Pantech C530 Slate Unlock code at www.Vunlock.net