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Unlock lg a133ch Chatr

December 4, 2011

lg a133ch Chatr Unlock Instructions:

LG a133ch CHatr Unlock Instructions

Unlock LG A133CH

  • Insert a non-original simcard(any network other then chatr)
  • Turn the phone on
  • Phone will show option on left side “Unlock”
  • Press the left button to click “unlock”
  • A list will display all the active unlocks
  • (Only active one’s will be highlighted and selectable.
  • Select the active network lock type and enter the corresponding unlock code from the set of 5 codes we provided you with.
  • Here is a description of the different lock types for your reference. (Network lock types)
  • After you succesfully enter the correct code for the network lock type active on your phone
  • The phone will reset and your handset will be unlocked.*If you do not have your LG A133CH unlock code already you can buy it from VunlockLG.com
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