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LG P500h Optimus

July 18, 2011

How to Unlock the LG P500, P500h

Unlock LG Optimus ONE

Unlock Instructions Optimus One

Unlocking Instructions for LG Optimus one:

  • Insert a non-accepted simcard.
  • Turn the phone on.
  • Type 2945#*500#
  • Phone will ask for either one of these locks:
  • Check here for explanation of Phone Lock types
  • Enter the corresponding lock (e.g enter SPCK for service provider lock)
  • Touch the Unlock Button
  • Phone is unlocked!

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This LG Optimus One unlock code works for:

  • Rogers Optimus One
  • Koodo Optimus One (tested)
  • Telus Optimus One (tested)
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